Momo Cha serves home-style Nepalese dumplings, snacks and meals in Midtown, Detroit with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.



Classic Nepalese style dumplings. You can mix and match to customize your order!

Snack / 4 momos / $5 Meat / $4.50 Veg
Meal / 8 Momos / $9 Meat / $8 Veg

Choose Protein →

CHICKEN Free-range local ground chicken mixed with cilantro, green onion and house-made masala spices.

PORK Free-range local ground pork mixed with ginger-garlic, onion and house-made masala spices.

VEG Local seasonal veggies mixed with marinated tofu and house-made masala spices / Vegan

Choose Chutney →

TOMATO CILANTRO A momo’s BFF. Traditional momo chutney made from roasted tomatoes, cilantro, onion and masalas / Vegan

ROASTED SOYBEAN & SESAME Rich and savory! Roasted soybeans and sesame seeds mixed with tomatoes, cilantro and masalas / Vegan

MINT CILANTRO Mom’s favorite super green sauce. Zesty and refreshing made with cilantro, mint and masalas / Vegetarian

Choose Prep →

STEAMED Cooked in our classic metal momo steamers.

PAN-FRIED Cooked on the griddle to crisp up the bottom.

DEEP-FRIED Crispy skin all around. Best smothered in your favorite chutney, ask for us to pour it right on top!


Order one for a solo snack or a few to share with friends.


Grilled free-range local chicken shredded and flavored with chili, ginger-garlic, green onion and turmeric. Served with crunchy rice and fresh veggies / $8


Fresh cut fries topped with house-made chutneys, tart yogurt, onions, tomatoes and herbs. Vegetarian / $6


Seasonal vegetable side dish. Rotates weekly. Vegan / $5


More for everyone to share!


Traditional Nepali plate with lentils, rice, curry, pickles and veggies. Vegan Curry $10 / Meat Curry $12


Chargrilled skewers made with local free-range chicken breast marinated overnight seasoned with ginger-garlic and masalas. 2 Skewers served with veggies and crunchy rice / $11

Make sure to let us know if you have any allergies and ask for a gluten free menu!